The Association

There are approximately 90 members in Suomen Pianonvirittäjät ry all over Finland. The association together with its members is a member of a European organisation, Europiano, and the Nordic NPTA (Nordic Piano Technicians Association). One of the main goals of the association is to try to keep the standards of the trade high for ex. by training the members.

I have been a member of the association since 1988, and acted as a member of the board and the secretary until 1998 and I used to make our magazine Kaikupohja (the Soundboard). In 2003 I was elected as the president of the association, which position I held until March 2011.

Pianonvirittäjä Kirsi LassiSuomen Pianonvirittäjät ry


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Pianonvirittäjä Kirsi Lassi