Piano Technician Kirsi Lassi

I do most of my work in the Helsinki area, but if needed I am willing to go farther, too. In addition to private customers and institutes, I also tune for concerts and recordings. When needed, I also tune harpsichords and fortepianos. I also service, regulate, repair and evaluate upright and grand pianos. When it comes to a major repair, the best thing to do is to take the whole instrument to a reliable workshop, and I'm happy to be of assistance in such cases, too.

Pianonvirittäjä Kirsi LassiPianonvirittäjä Kirsi Lassi

If you Suomen Pianonvirittäjät rylive in the Tampere/Pirkanmaa area, I can warmly recommend my colleagues at Lyöntiväli Oy:

e-mail: lyontivali@gmail.com
Harri Mikkola, gsm +358 (0) 400 574742
Harri Lehtonen, gsm +358 (0) 400 735040


Telephone +358 (0) 400 444132


The best way to reach me is
email or sms.

Pianonvirittäjä Kirsi Lassi